Votre partenaire fiable pour des produits de textile professionnels destinés au secteur des soins, à l’horeca, aux entreprises et au commerce de gros


Prioritisation of risks (2023)

Every year we carry out a comprehensive risk assessment for countries and for suppliers. Risks have been prioritized. Action plans for improvement were drawn up in consultation with the relevant stakeholders.

The majority of our purchases are made from business partners based in:

  • Faisalabad (Pakistan)
  • Karachi (Pakistan)
  • Denizli (Turkey)

Prioritization of the identified risks

Risk 1: Compensation package is insufficient for a dignified life for the worker and his family

Measurements to improve social impact

  1. accurately identify analysis of wage gap vis-à-vis living wage.
  2. initiate a process to gradually close this wage gap and achieve a living wage.

Goal: workers and their families have a decent standard of living

Risk 2: employee involvement:
grievance procedure

Measurements to improve social impact:

  1. action plan per supplier on the implementation of the grievance procedure.
  2. Collaboration with Amfori Speak Up campaign for our business partners based in Turkey.
Goal: increasing participation with the aim of creating a better working environment in terms of health and well-being, the environment and productivity.

Risk 3: Vulnerable groups:

  • Children and young workers: child labour
  • Women: gender equality
  • (Ethnic) minorities: equal opportunities for career development and advancement regardless of ethnicity and national background, nationality, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, caste, social background, disability, union membership or any other legitimated organisations, political affiliation or opinions, family responsibilities, pregnancy, diseases, or any other condition that could give rise to discrimination in.
    • Specific in our business area:
      • Turkey: Syrian refugees
      • Pakistan: religious minorities

Measurements to improve social impact: Working together with selected business partners. Selection is based on various criteria (risk analysis of supplier - recognized certifications - regular audits by recognized bodies and local agents - …)

Goal: Creating an inclusive and safe working environment for all vulnerable groups.

Risk 4: Water consumption: big volumes of water are needed for entire production chain of woven textile.

Measurements to improve environmental impact:

  1. Bamatex is OCS and GRS certificated.
  2. New articles in recycled cotton are in development.
Goal: Carefully handle non-renewable resources.