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Prioritisation of risks (2021)

Every year we carry out a comprehensive risk assessment for countries and for suppliers. Risks have been prioritised. Action plans for improvement were drawn up in consultation with the relevant stakeholders.

Risk: Health & safety: Covid 19 pandemic
Measurements to improve social impact: action plan per supplier on the measures taken with regard to the covid 19 pandemic (training - awareness - hygienic measures - vaccination - ...).
Goal: Create a safe and healthy workplace.

Risk: employee involvement: grievance procedure

Measurements to improve social impact: action plan per supplier on the implementation of the grievance procedure.
Goal: increasing participation with the aim of creating a better working environment in terms of health and well-being, the environment and productivity.

Risk: Vulnerable groups:
- Turkey: Syrian refugees
- Pakistan: religious minorities
- Child labour
- Discrimination based on gender or race

Measurements to improve social impact: Working together with selected business partners. Selection is based on various criteria (risk analysis of supplier - recognised certifications - regular audits by recognised bodies and local agents - …)
Goal: Creating an inclusive and safe working environment for all vulnerable groups.

Risk: Water consumption: big volumes of water are needed for entire production chain of woven textile.
Measurements to improve environmental impact: Bamatex is OCS and GRS certificated.
New articles in recycled cotton are in development.
Goal: Carefully handle non-renewable resources.